Virtual Welder

The Most Advanced Video

Full 3D Imaging

The core Artificial Intelligence system can predict the exact weld shape!

3D View


Like viewing a 60 inch video screen.

60" view Display brings the virtual world to life:
Torch, Arc, Puddle, Wire, Bead

Slice the Weld and Look Inside!

The student & teacher get instant feedback on real weld parameters:

- Penetration, Leg length, Throat, Undercut, and 100 more!

Result Screen

The standard suitcase welder and gun provide a common real world interaction.

Standard LED meter display and dial setting of Voltage and Wire Speed integrated with the virtual environment.



Virtual Cross Section Predictor

Screen prediction

Analyze cause and effect of:

- Travel Speed

- Stick out

- Voltage

- Wire Feed Speed

- Torch Angles

- Assist with WPS creation


Custom Joint Design and Processes

Modules for custom arc welding processes can be quickly added.   Any joint design, standard or customized for your specific training application.

1000 Joint Designs Available

- Flat or curved plates

- All styles and shapes of bevel

- 100 engineering measurements produced in real-time checked against specifications.

- Steel, Aluminum, Titanium, Stainless


Sample Weld Joints


Click here to see example of actual welding along with tracking by VR system:

Video Example1



Click here to see second example of actual welding along with tracking by VR system:


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